PARARA: Panen Raya Nusantara

Panen Raya Nusantara (PARARA) Festival was born from the initiative of SLIMs Festival (Sustainable Livelihoods Initiative and Models) which was conceived and organized by NTFP-EP Indonesia. SLIMs Festival tried then to expand its collaboration by inviting some national and local NGOs to organize a festival in order to promote and to provide space for fair and sustainable products from various communities.

SLIMs Festival was finally renamed into PARARA Festival that we know today. First held in 2015, PARARA Festival is a biennial festival which is initiated and conceived by PARARA consortium.

PARARA showcases entrepreneurial products from various communities and indigenous society. These products are outcomes of long collaboration between entrepreneurs consisting of creative workers and communities established during pre-festival phase.

Creatively packaged, PARARA aims to provide basic information on the importance of local products made by local communities to its visitors. PARARA put first the value of community strength and struggle in product result, as well as maintaining the environment where the product being produced.