Festival Panen Raya Nusantara 2017

13 - 15 October at Taman Menteng, Jakarta

Panen Raya Nusantara (PARARA) Festival is a biennial festival, which was first held in 2015. PARARA showcases entrepreneurial products from various communities and indigenous society. These products are outcomes of long collaboration between entrepreneurs consisting of creative workers and communities established during pre-festival phase.

Creatively packaged, PARARA aims to provide basic information on the importance of local products made by local communities to its visitors. PARARA put first the value of community strength and struggle in product result, as well as maintaining the environment where the product being produced.

"Keep The Tradition, Care For The Earth" is the theme of PARARA 2017. Keeping the tradition and taking care of the earth is a form of Indonesian nation's ancestral wisdom, which has been proved as a success in maintaining the sustainability of its natural resources. The Indonesian ancestors have only taken the natural resources based on their needs and collectively supervised on the natural resources sustainability. PARARA engages people to return to the practice of ancestral Indonesia, by maintaining the tradition and nurturing the Earth so that natural resources remain sustainable.

PARARA 2017 is not only a celebration, but also a breakthrough for sustainable community enterprises.This festival will become a catalyst for supporting the sustainable selling of local products, by engaging decision makers as well as customers. Intersectoral policy issues that influence the success- or even the failure of community initiative in this area, will be discussed during the festival.

Continuing the success of previous events, PARARA 2017 will be a meeting-platform for producers, consumers and other stakeholders to interact and collaborate, in order to promote sustainable consumption and production patterns in Indonesia.

Contact for Festival:
Phone : +62 813 8222 0134 (Voni)
+62 813 1606 9987 (Salma)
email : kontak@panenrayanusantara.com