Flashback: the First PARARA in 2015

Festival Panen Raya Nusantara (PARARA) for the first time held in 2015, two years ago. At that time, PARARA was held for two days, from 6-7 June 2015, at Lapangan Banteng, Central Jakarta. There is a considerable interest from the parties in the implementation of the inaugural of the first PARARA Festival.


During the first PARARA in 2015, 22 civil society organizations that focused on the economy of natural resource-based community were recorded to participate on the agenda. In addition, 108 local communities also enliven the festival by bringing products with localities of their respective regions.

PARARA 2015 created a platform of talks with community representatives, market participants, community economic supporters, as well as government and policy makers. The festival was also holding various craft-made and workshops, such as producing soap maded from lemongrass, creating rag dolls and newspaper baskets, and others. There were also photography and robot-making workshops. As for children, PARARA 2015 also provided The Tale of Adventure in the Land of Mirror with Juki and Friends in the children's playground.


If this year's event commemorates World Food Day, the 2015 PARARA celebrated the Environmental Day which fell on June 5th 2015. Therefore, at the end of the event Ruwatan Earth ceremony and Rokenrol puppet show with the theme of environmental and human rescue were held. Cultural performances from various regions were also displayed, such as performances from Biak Papua, Kajang Tribe (South Sulawesi) and from Dayak Kalimantan.


"This event is not just a product display of the community, but it is more on how the public learn about the real Indonesia. How do people in the region struggle for economic improvement but at the same time they are able to protect the environment," said Jusupta Tarigan, the head of PARARA secretariat that represent the PARARA consortium activists.

The organizing committee expects that PARARA Festival 2017 can achieve success like PARARA 2015. Along with the hope of gaining bigger interest, as well as successfully bring together producers, consumers and other supporting actors to interact and collaborate in promoting consumption and sustainable production patterns in Indonesia.

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