This program invites public to take a closer look on ingredients for local food that might be forgotten, such as sorghum, prepared by a professional chef and served as an attractive fast food. At the same time, the visitor will be accompanied by a host who tells a story on the originis of proccessed food.

Harta Kampung Kota Kita (Our City's Village Treasure)
Sunday, October 15th, 2017 | 13:00

Lab Tanya (Laboratorium of Question) will present a close and healthy relationship between resources and the production-consumption chain. That particular healthy relationship is a treasure or valuable assets that we still have to create a sustainable and a wasteless future. In this program, residents from Kampung Pondok Jaya, South Tangerang and Kampung Anak Kali Ciliwung, North Jakarta, will be asked to prepare food and beverages whose ingredients come from plants grown in their villages. Previously, they have been invited to map various resources (plants) in their village that can be used as food and beverage.

Lab Tanya is a research and experimental group born from the architectural design firm Adhi Wiswakarma Desantara at the end of 2009. Lab Tanya has an intense interest to explore the variety of guidelines and how to realize a sustainable future, in the daily community practices.

If you want to participate, find and fill the registration form here:

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