PARARA 2017 invites some performers to entertain the visitors during the festival. AriReda, Sandrayati Fay and The Kaborangs are some of the musician that confirm their attendance to perform in PARARA 2017 Festival.

Jamaica Cafe Friday, 13 October 13th 2017 | 7.30 PM

Jamaica Cafe, a vocal group that has performed in many events in Indonesia and abroad, was formed in 1991 and was awarded as the Supporter of Honor by the World Wildlife Fund. At the opening of PARARA Festival, Jamaica Cafe will sing some keroncong and Indonesian traditional songs with a mesmerizing technique.


Saturday, October 14th 2017 I 9 PM

AriReda is a duo consisting of Ari Malibu and Reda Gaudiamo which has been formed since 1982. In the early years, they were singing folk-songs like Fly Away (John Denver) or peaceful songs from the famous duo Simon and Garfunkel and their alike. Then only in 1987 they were involved in an art appreciation project initiated by Fuad Hassan (Ministry of Education and Culture at that time). The aim of that event is to raise the public awareness in enjoying poems through songs. Next, AriReda is well-known and familiar in singing poems of famous Indonesian poet, Sapardi Djoko Damono.

Sandrayati Fay

Saturday October 14th 2017 I 0730 PM

Sandrayati is a Filipino-American singer and songwriter who was born and raised in Java and Bali. At her young age, she has created many songs that represents her expression of nature, identity, and love. She said she was a figure who responded to everything with peace and quiet, even when she decided to settle in Indonesia. Sandrayati has appeared on many big stages, including a duet performance with Iwan Fals.

The Kaborang
Sunday, October 15th 2017 | 2 PM

Originally from Sumba, this brothers duo plays popular sumbese songs in interactive way. Umbu Kaborang who often collaborates with musicians such as Saykoji, harmonizes with his brother, the barista Andro Kaborang, who during their music performance will also do a cupping demo. The songs they play are inspired from the coffee they serve.

Oscar Lolang
Sunday, October 15th 2017 | 4 PM

His love for Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, and Joan Baez has lead his passion effortlessly for folk music. His first single Eastern Man seems to re-acknowledge us about the essence of folk music as the most poetic way of fighting. Through that song, he tells a story about Papua who lives increasingly in depressing condition. He said that he was troubled with the upheaval in Papua which for him does not worth to happen. Moreover, there were some guys there who take advantage of the situation. That 2 minutes and 45 seconds song is felt more special because the lyrics are both written in English and in Indonesia in papuan dialect.

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